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Xavante Current Project Assistance 2008

Xavante Health Centre Update & Appeal 2008

Aerialhealth_centre300pixIn 2006 Emily visited the Xavante and was acutely aware of the impact of the mono culture of the Soya, evident both physically in the natural environment and psychologically with the Xavante community. The aerial view of the reserve  using the internet facility Google Earth illustrates the encroachment of the Soya production to the edge of the reservation.  The pressure on the natural habitat is evident with wild animals and birds numbers falling dramatically and so too the Xavante ability to feed themselves with their traditional hunting. Increased pressure on the natural habitat increases the Xavante dependency on an external source. It is a an extremely vulnerable time for the Xavante culture.

Emily is currently co-ordinating an initiative to help the Xavante community cultivate and preserve species of the Cerrado and offer a positive incentive to the impact of the Soya cultivation. The project will include an educational program on the reserve with workshops running at three monthly intervals for a year implemented by a local NGO experienced in the field and established in implementing projects to regenerate areas of the Cerrado. One of their employees has previously lived with the Xavante and is accepted by the tribal group. He will be providing initial daily support as the project is set up. This is a pilot project and in it being a success it can be replicated with other communities. Marimbuviewof_healthcentre

The Health Centre has been successfully operating for ten years and there is now need for some renovation. On visiting the centre in 2006 Emily Burridge was personally able to assess the general condition of the building The wood frames for the doors and windows need replacing and the centre would benefit from a fresh coat of paint. The renovation work necessitates the employment of a local carpenter whose work is reliable and whom Emily is familiar with. She intends to oversee the renovations when she commences the co-ordination of the Xavante Tree Nursery Pilot project.

Amount required for maintenance: £1200.00 / Dollar equivalent

The Solar Energy installation is designed to supply light in the health centre, power for a fridge for the storage of essential medicines and light in the village school.The solar panels are in good working order however internally replacement of some wiring and fittings is required. This will entail a solar specialist based in Brazil to fix the solar system and revise the basic maintenance with a member of the Xavante Marimbu community.

Replacement Wiring and Fittings: £1,100.00                                                                                   Solar Installer technician travel expenses and fee for maintenance work: £1,400.00 Total Required for Solar maintenance: £2,500.00

Total required for general maintenance of Xavante Health Centre for 2008: £3,700.00. (This is the first injection of support in ten years towards the maintenance of the centre).

2008 New purchase for the Tree Nursery project

Diesel powered Flat Back required to assist in the transportation of trees and plants.                Amount required : $9,499.00 (about £5000.00)

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Amount Raised as of February 2008 = £500.Xfamilyhouse