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EMILY is an outstanding classically trained ‘cellist. She is a renowned master of her instrument, unique in her ability to improvise and cross genres of classical and popular music. She is a much in demand session player, and has worked with brillant musicians around the world including Roger Daltrey, George Michael, Chrissie Hind, Jools Holland, Zero 7, Stereophonics and Hans Zimmer to name a few, and is featured on numerous albums and film soundtracks.

She has also produced three CDs of her own which are released on the label White Horse World Music : "Earth Songs", "Footsteps in the Sand" and
"Bridge between Worlds".
Her latest CD release "Bridge between Worlds" is an orchestral work with solo 'cello and integrated within are her own field recordings of the Xavante tribe of Brazil.

Her musical productions have been mainly sourced in Brazil and although retaining elements of her classical origins the integration of this country into her music is evident in the use of rythms and notably recordings of tribal chants. Her empathy for tribal cultures has extended beyond her musical career. In 1995 she founded the registered charity "Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust" registered in the UK no: 1050461 "and through the charity she has actively supported a tribal group in Brazil for the last fourteen years. For further information on the charity and the current activities please visit:

"Into the Amazon" is her new solo performance production through which Emily further shares her personal experiences of the natural environment and tribal cultures of Brazil by integrating within the music her recordings from the forests and traditional chants of the Xavante Indians .

In the program she innovatively utilises modern sampling technology, creating exciting multi layered pieces in a live setting.
She also performs as a duo with the acclaimed Pedal steel Guitarist BJ Cole and together they have made arrangements of classical pieces which provide a window through which they enter a world of creative improvisation. For further information on this production visit:


recording, photography, travelling off the beaten track, indigenous people and culture. Brazil. organic gardening, horse riding cross country, swimming, painting, tai chi and chi gung.